How I Met Your Dad Finds Its Mom — Again

1Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire.
For many How I Met Your Mother fans, the wounds from the series finale are still fresh. (Not for us, of course, since we actually liked the ending — but that's another matter.) The world at large may not be quite ready to revisit the show, but series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are hard at work on the spinoff.
How I Met Your Dad will be, well, exactly what it sounds like. The show — which is just a pilot at this point — will follow the character Sally (played by Greta Gerwig) as she navigates life in New York City and tells the story of meeting her future husband. Since HIMYM had Bob Saget to play the voice of future Ted, it's only fitting that HIMYD cast an appropriately awesome future Sally.
And, as Entertainment Weekly just announced, that future Sally will be played (well, voiced) by Meg Ryan. Audiences will never actually see Ryan, but her iconic voice will no doubt be one of the most legendary parts of the show. Now, if they can just keep from killing off the Dad, it should be smooth sailing. (Entertainment Weekly)

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