Carrot Oil: Your Summer Hair Savior

Last year, argan was all the rage, now coconut oil is having its 15 minutes (or, like, 15 years) of fame, but as writer Danielle Guercio from xoVain reminded us today, there's a less expected oil out there that happens to be amazing for summer hair. And, it also happens to be the cheapest.
Carrot oil — found in this $2.99 blend that also includes soybean and safflower oil — is packed with vitamin A. So, as Guercio notes, not only is this blend super-nourishing, it's also the perfect product to protect hair from damaging summer rays. The combination of carrot seed oil, which is packed with vitamin A (a carotenoid known to absorb damaging rays), and carotenoids' antioxidant powers, equals a new MVP for your summer locks.
Guercio learned the hard way how important it is protect one's hair — especially if you have extensions or a weave. Aside from the sun, salt can also be a major summer beauty bummer (which the author was reminded of after a spa treatment in a saltwater pool — awesome for skin, not so awesome for hair). So, it's important to keep locks clean, soft and protected from summer elements. Of course, slathering on the same product up to three times per day can get pricey, which is why having cheap-o products like this one in your arsenal is so key.
Tell us: Have you ever tried carrot oil for hair — and what's your best, cheapest beauty fix? (xoVain)
Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil, $2.99, available at Beauty of New York.

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