Rashida Jones’ New Flick Brings The Laughs — See An Exclusive Clip!

Rashida Jones is never not funny. That's pretty much a fact. The woman knows how to take command of a movie, and how to make us all crack up while doing so. While that's good news for the viewers, it means her costars have their work cut out for them if they want to keep comedic pace — and a straight face. But, we think she's found her match in her latest movie.
Cuban Fury features Jones as the hot new boss lady at a British office. Her coworkers, Chris O'Dowd and Nick Frost, fall instantly in love with her. When the guys find out that Rashida's character has a penchant for salsa dancing, it prompts a full-on showdown, complete with lots of fancy footwork. As you can imagine, all sorts of hijinks ensue when you throw two hilariously awkward dudes onto a dance floor.
We're hooking you up with a never-before-seen clip from the movie, and we promise it's perfect for an end-of-day pick-me-up. If you like what you see, Cuban Fury is in select theaters now.

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