Parents Watch Their Kids At EDM Fests, Innocence Is Lost

When the parents are away, the kids will most definitely play. Scratch that — "play" is too tame a word. When the parents are away, the kids will act a fool. But, what happens when the parents aren't away? The BBC aired its first episode of Festivals, Sex and Suspicious Parents last night, where parental units watch videos of their offspring at electronic music festivals. The results are, erm, eye-opening.
It's a bittersweet pill to swallow. On one hand, watching this girl, inebriated beyond all recognition, drop trow and do her business in front of everyone is humorous — as long as its not your daughter. If you've been to any sort of concert, you've seen this kind of person, you judge, and you move on. You've also seen the guy, who is on a different planet, do a little streaking. These people exist. We get it.
On the other hand, seeing the parents of these people is unnerving, heartbreaking — or maybe both. The joke is lost to embarrassment. The clip below is illuminating at best, but will likely not put an end to these kinds of antics. The world will continue to spin, and kids will (hopefully) wise up. Fingers crossed until the beat drops, y'all. (Gawker)

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