The Ashley Wagner Face Is Sweeping The Internet

467849151Photo: Getty Images.
The Winter Olympics in Sochi only officially kicked off a few days ago, but we've already witnessed countless patriotic medal ceremonies and awe-inspiring performances by the crème de la crème of athletes. There were times of pride, disappointment, and, for one competitor, downright shock and disgust. If you happen to catch figure skater Ashley Wagner's run on the ice Saturday night, that's exactly how the bummed Olympian reacted to her score. According to Elle, her expression has become an Internet sensation. In fact, there's even a dedicated hashtag, #Wagnerface.
Honestly, we find Wagner's candid reaction quite refreshing. After all, when you've been training your behind off to execute a killer performance, you're obviously going to feel down-and-out when you don't get the results you hoped for. Or, ticked off. Or, enraged. Even so, that didn't stop some folks from turning fury into folly.
Check out some of these goofy images that incorporate Wagner's now-famous face reacting to things like...Bob Costa's scary eye infection. Here's to hoping the next GIF we see of this bright, young go-getter is more of an "oh, yeah" than an "oh, no." (Elle)

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