The Next Nobel Peace Prize Winner Is…Edward Snowden?

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At this point, it's hard to determine where we should stand on Edward Snowden. Is he a courageous whistle-blower, à la The New York Times' take on him, putting himself at risk to expose our lack of privacy? Or, are Snowden’s discoveries overhyped and damaging to our country's security, as Edward Lucas at The Wall Street Journal argues? Apparently, two Norwegian politicians agree with the former opinion, and have nominated Snowden for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Two members of Norway's Socialist Left party, Baard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen, decided to nominate Snowden because they believe his work “contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order." All things considered, that seems odd, given the firestorm that arose when so many countries learned the U.S. was spying on them. Of course, Solhjell and Valen probably meant that the worldwide discussion about privacy and spying — a conversation sparked by Snowden — could lead to a more agreeable global climate, but we're not entirely sure world peace will be one of the repercussions.

Snowden’s name is among many others thrown into the ring of nominees, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee will make the ultimate decision for the prize. But, as The Washington Post points out, it would be pretty insane if Snowden was awarded the same honor that President Obama received a few years ago. As we reconcile our own opinions of these complicated issues, we'll just have to wait until next October to see if Snowden is declared Nobel Peace Prize-worthy.

(The Washington Post)

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