Les Misérables: The Rap Version

Hi, Les Mis? Yeah, the Internet called and apparently no one understands what's going on between Jean Valjean and Javert. True, it seems pretty silly to cry over stolen bread (granted, we have been taught not to cry over spilt milk), but then again, it also seems pretty wild the mail system in Fair Verona couldn't deliver a message to Romeo in that other story being taught in high schools these days.
Anyway, apparently adapting Victor Hugo's tale of redemption and war for the silver screen and having Anne Hathaway shave her head wasn't enough to get the message across (though, the nearly three-hour run time might be to blame, too). We've now reached a point in literary culture that calls for a West Side-ification — you know, updating the story for modern, plugged-in audiences. And, who better to do it than Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael, resident funny gals over at Funny or Die? The two have turned "The Confrontation" into a VFILES meets Forever21 at a suburban California rap battle, well, a mimed rap battle. It's modern, trendy, and ripe with viral potential; everything needed to drill the plot of Les Mis home while the audience simultaneously Tweets and Snaps. However, if they're live tweeting this video, it's best to dub it LEz M1z, because Internet consistency, in this case, is key.

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