This Indie Movie Parody's Veracity Hurts So Good

Indie movies — they're just so damn indie sometimes. Between all the fringe bangs, vintage trucks, and carefree dances-in-the-middle-of-a-bedroom, there are more than enough eye-roll inducing moments to go around.
Yet, for whatever reason, we love them. And, we're still reduced to tears whenever that Frou Frou track starts playing at the end of the 109 art-filled minutes (we're looking at you, Garden State). Love you, indie movies, but curse you — curse you!
Now, from the comedy group Tastes Funny comes Not Another Sundance Movie, a painfully accurate, hilarious parody on all things indie. Watch as the sad tale of a bored bathtub clarinet player merges with the ill-fated, but totally hopeful lonely child plot line. It is, obviously, "based on a true story (that's definitely worse than your life)." And, according to the (fictional) Silver Lake Enquirer, it'll "fit perfectly into (your) political agenda." Score! Plus, the soundtrack is basically DeVotchKa for the cooler crowd; the perfect background music for applying that fake mustache or staring indifferently off into the backwoods, through the requisite patchwork curtain. How...quaint. (Laughing Squid)

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