Meet The 2 Local Women Behind The Anti-Abortion Movement

WEbPhotos: Courtesy of Kristan Hawkins; Lila Rose.
Timed to today's March for Life rally, which drove thousands of activists to the National Mall to demonstrate against abortion, The Washington Post is introducing us to two central figures leading the pro-life movement. And, contrary to the movement's history, they're not middle-aged, conservative, white men. Nope — Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins are in their twenties, educated, and passionate in their mission to abolish abortion.
Rose, 25, is the founder of Live Action, an Arlington-based new media organization, while Hawkins, 28, presides over the Manassas-based Students for Life America. The Post paints a fascinating portrait of these two women, who are approaching a common goal — an end to abortion — by wildly different means. For Hawkins, it's about outreach: She has helped to grow the number of anti-abortion groups on college campuses from 180 to 780 since 2006. Rose, on the other hand, takes an investigative approach, secretly filming visits to abortion clinics and exposing negligence and other offenses. While Rose's ethics have been called into question, the conservative community has flocked to support her, and her staff has grown from two to 10.
Regardless of your stance on the issue, it's essential to civil discussion to understand the opposing side's viewpoint — even if you disagree with it. In this case, it's interesting to see the anti-abortion movement from the perspective of young women who are driving it, instead of a political pundit or a bunch of lawmakers spewing sound bites. (Washington Post)

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