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New Hershey’s Spread Is Giving Nutella Some Competition

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Hershey's.
Move over, Nutella. Hershey's recently debuted its own version of Nutella in three delectable flavors: chocolate (duh), almond, and hazelnut. Considering the chocolaty empire has managed to create a new flavor and/or color for every season, this isn't exactly a shocking revelation — especially when you consider the revenue potential. "Over the past five years, sales of Nutella in the U.S. have more than tripled to $240.4 million, according to market researcher Euromonitor International," reports Fox News. That's a whole lotta spread, folks.
And, like Nutella, there are so many more ways to consume the decadent goodness (read: diet killer) than by the spoonful. According to Jezebel, a Hershey's statement listed pickles and pineapple as potential serving suggestions. If that doesn't get your taste buds eager with anticipation, check out its website showcasing photos of various creations submitted by enthusiastic fans. Temptations range from a DIY fondue to an English muffin topper. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but whatever floats your boat — even if it's technically not even milk chocolate. (Jezebel)

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