How To Fall In Love — According To A Second Grader

BcChIhoCMAA02OmPhoto: Via @Ted_Sheinman.
Kids say the darndest things, but sometimes, it's their actions that speak louder than their words. Case in point: Ted Scheinman of Chapel Hill, North Carolina shared with the world the rules of love — according to second graders — via his Twitter account.
Surprisingly, the "rules" were more about sexy time than anything else. Of course, before you can get to all of that, you have to abide by rule number one: "First you have to stare at the person." Next, the rules go from asking someone out on a date to having sex (and lots of it) to playful activities like showering and hanging out in the pool together. Wow, if only there were so many hours in a day to live out this fantasy. Considering this proves that some kids know more than we may think, it kinda makes us wonder if we're really pulling the wool over their eyes with the whole Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy thing.

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