This Is The Trippiest Movie You'll See All Week

Prepare thyselves for a whole new kind of viral video. We've all heard of palindromes — they're things that are the same backward and forward. Dad. Mom. Kayak. You get it. But, we're willing to bet you've never seen a visual palindrome. If that's the case, this short film will probably blow your mind as much as it did ours. Symmetry was created by Yann Pineill and plays exactly the same no matter how you watch it.
But, it's more than just a reversed version of itself. Instead, Pineill made sure that the second half of the film is exactly like the first half, only backward and mirrored. Everything here is symmetrical, from the shapes, sounds, music, and even colors. In other words, it's a mind trip. We suggest watching it several times just to let it sink in. Since it is Monday after all, it'll probably be more than a little confusing. Happy viewing! (io9)

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