Obama's Christmas Present Was Sent To Wrong Person

It's always a treat when an unexpected Christmas gift shows up after the holidays, but we bet the surprise is even sweeter when that gift arrives signed from the Obamas. On New Year's Eve, a woman in Chicago's northern suburbs received a late, beaten-up, and re-assembled package from her brother-in-law. After further inspection, Alane Church of Wadsworth, Illinois noticed that there was an extra gift at the bottom of the box that wasn't meant for her. The label read, "To Mama Kaye and Papa Wellington, From Barack, Michelle, and the girls."
Church discovered it was a touching 2013 photo album that captured moments from the Obama girls' last year. The gift was intended for Mama Kaye, or Kaye Wilson, who serves as Malia and Sasha Obama's godmother. Church intends to forward the package on to Kaye Wilson, who took special care of the girls, especially while Obama was campaigning. The White House commented Thursday that the family appreciates her effort to forward the package on and her care in keeping the contents of the album private. Check out more of the story in Church's interview with NBC's Today show in the clip below. But, next time the postal service goofs, we can only hope that we'll be on the receiving end of a delivery straight from the Obamas. (Chicagoist)

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