Pets Are The New Kids, According To A Google Survey

07-img-0033-copy-benritterPhotographed by Ben Ritter.
If it weren't for a recent Google survey, we wouldn't believe that young couples spent more money on their pets than their kids this past Christmas. Wait, actually, if you think about it, we are pretty obsessed with our furry friends... According to a recent release from PRNewswire, couples aged 25 to 34 were 30% more likely to spend money on their pets than parents over the age of 34. Why the divide? For starters, the younger demographic is more involved in social media, so your pal who is clogging up your Instagram feed with snaps of Fido most likely falls into this category.
Income also plays a role: Folks bringing in more dough are 51.2% more likely to spend money on their animals than their kids. Even more shocking is this quote from dog website king Ron Rich: "Nowadays the American Dream is more centered these days around animal children than real children." While we heart animals, we'd hate to grow up in a house where it's every man — or furry face — for himself. (PRNewswire)

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