Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" Got Parodied And It Feels So Good

Y'all can roast your chestnuts on an open fire and deck the halls with boughs of holly all you damn well want; this guy (and, presumably a hefty chunk of the general population) just wants his fill of Mariah Carey. Come December, Carey's holiday opus, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," floods our eardrums until it becomes white noise — unless you're this guy. Those opening dings, the growing tension of the intro verse, Carey's shaky "you-ooh-ooh" — these are a few of this fanboy's favorite things.
It doesn't matter how he gets his fix (snorting candy cane, anyone?), just do not, under any circumstances, pause Carey's crooning. This bearded fellow will stop at nothing to make sure "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the song of December. He is what we'd like to call a Carey Crusader: a joyful group of select individuals so enthralled by the diva's songwriting and falsetto that they flock to the tune like magpies to glitter.
Think you're one of 'em? Are you willing to draw a gun in the name of "All I Want For Christmas Is You?" No? This guy shakes his head at you. Whatever, though, we're shaking our heads to the beat because it's just so infectious and fills us with more glee than a deep glass of eggnog.

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