This Is The One “Wrecking Ball” Remix You Never Knew You Needed

Full Disclosure: What you are about to experience is absolutely, out-of-this-world, grip-the-table, what's-happening insane. And, with that, let us begin our aural journey. Bring out the air horns!
We begin this remix with "Wrecking Ball's" traditional atmospheric opening. It's light, innocent, but carries a looming sense of disaster. Cyrus brings us in to her sad story; the feelings, dear readers, run aplenty. Then, out of no where, a barrage of recorders occupy the soundscape. Honestly, we haven't felt as inspired to breakout the ol' plastic noisemaker since Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." D.J. Detweiler pushes us over that edge of glory and down, and down, and down we go until air horns blow us back up and into the trap. Somewhere in the distance, Lil' Jon sips Crunk Juice from his pimp cup whispering to himself, "yeah." Listen below, but remember, you have been warned.

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