Michelle Obama & Your Mom Have More In Common Than You Think

rexusa_1829343gPhoto: Rex USA.
We didn’t think it was possible, but now there's proof: Michelle Obama can be — dare we even say it? — an embarrassing mom. MObama, she of the killer wardrobe, endless energy, and awesome sense of humor, seems like one of the coolest parents around. But, in this clip of the White House Christmas tree arriving at 1600 Penn Ave, her enthusiasm doesn't exactly spread like wildfire to First Daughters Sasha and Malia.
While FLOTUS is gushing over the massive fir, the younger Obama ladies seem like they want to crawl in a hole somewhere. It’s the classic “Mom's trying to get her kids stoked on something, but they are not digging it” situation. Michelle doesn't give up, though. She tries to get the girls to check it out from another angle — as if that'll help — and the whole thing starts to get a little cringe-worthy. Of course, it's cute to see MObama so excited for the holidays, noting that the tree delivery is the best part of the season.

Truthfully, we’re pretty impressed that this is the only first time we're seeing MObama act like, um, every other mom and totally embarrass her kids. But girls, we get it: You're watching a horse-drawn carriage deliver a naked tree to your front door, while music plays and a million camera shutters snap. Even Sasha's awesome shoes can't counteract the awkwardness. The impending holidays will likely hold similar moments for us — and we can only hope that we will handle things with as much composure as the Obama girls.
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