Yes, There IS A Right Way To Blowdry Your Hair

Blowdrying our hair is something we do in an almost robotic state — we're usually half asleep and/or in a rush to get out the door sans soaking strands. But, after reading this guide to blowdryers on the Huffington Post, we're going to retrain ourselves to take a little more care before cranking up the heat.
In fact, we're going to start by examining the needs of our hair. Turns out, depending on the thickness of hair and the task at hand (just drying your bangs or setting curls, for example), dryers that boast high wattage might actually be overkill. In fact, thin or fragile hair should always be dried on a low setting — the same goes for hair of any type that's just damp instead of wet. The guide also demystifies that elusive cool-shot button — use it when hair is about 80% dry to seal the outer cuticle and protect against overheating.
As for the benefits of ionic vs. ceramic vs. tourmaline dryers? Ionic dryers break down water molecules lightning fast (speeding up the drying process) while ceramic versions emit infrared heat, which tends to be more gentle on hair. Tourmaline dryers combine the best of both ionic and infrared technology, enabling the hair to withstand higher levels of heat without damage.
But, no matter your dryer or setting of choice, HuffPo reminds us not to forget a heat protectant serum, lotion, or spray before going to town with our dryer. Think of it as damage insurance for your hair. (Huffington Post)
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