Family Guy Kills Off The Funniest Character On TV

A solemn sorrow hangs over our hearts today. A tragedy occurred last night on Family Guy, the acclaimed serial drama that starkly depicts the struggles of modern America through the lens of the stoic Griffin family. Brian, the family dog and arguably TV's most influential muse, has died.
The "Life of Brian" episode, like all of Family Guy, offered a sensitive and nuanced portrayal of Native Americans, a scientifically accurate representation of time travel, and a heartwarming tale of family values and friendship. Then, suddenly, in a promotional scene paid for by Michelle Obama discussing the obesity epidemic in young children and encouraging outdoor activity, Brian was struck by an apparently drunk driver.
Old Yeller, this is not. Audiences were forced to watch the graphic scene with no more comfort than baby Stewie himself received. And, indeed, it was only Stewie who truly remembered Brian's greatness. His literary talent, constant championing of hard-earned sobriety, and dedication to women's rights will be missed.
We're assuming it's only a matter of time before Stewie fixes his time machine and brings Brian back. Until then, though, we mourn with this poignant scene — one of Brian's best.

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