This Kitten Tootsie Roll Video Proves The Internet Is Your Friend

Though we appreciate the nostalgia behind the candies and novelties of yore, we have to admit that Tootsie Rolls never got us all that jazzed up. They stick to our teeth, and they're like a psych-out chocolate that isn't really chocolate. Call us harsh, but it's just how we feel — that is, until this video melted our cold, cold hearts. Yes, these Exotic Shorthair kittens dressed as Tootsie Rolls have downright made our day.
It's important to note that the hilarity of this video truly lies in the stark contrast between the lighthearted nature of the Tootsie Roll outfit and the very serious faces of these kittens. It's also important to note that these kittens may have the most luxurious play area, ever.
To the human who orchestrated this video: You seem to have a solid grasp on leading the kittens' actions with your dragon-fly toy. We think you could easily have choreographed this video using said dragon-fly toy to make the kittens "slide" and "dip, baby, dip" at the appropriate moments. We await the updated version with the 69 Boyz' "Tootsee Roll" soundtrack. Until then, get ready to confront your feelings on animals dressed up in Halloween costumes. (Jezebel)

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