Negative Nancy? Baby, You Were Born That Way

We all have our bad days, but there are some folks who wouldn't be happy even if they were on a perpetual vacation. While we're quick to judge the negative Nancy (or Ned) in the room, this person may not be able to help their pessimistic ways. According to a group of scientists from the University of British Columbia, there's a genetic variation called ADRA2B that may be linked to negative behavior — yes, really!
A study on this gene involved 207 participants who were presented with a group of positive, neutral, and negative words. Those who were most likely to point out the negative words carried the variant. While environmental factors and personal stress (who, you?) may also affect one's personality, it looks like we can blame our genes, too. So, maybe it's finally time to give Debbie Downer a break. Check out more on the study here. (Huffington Post)
acupuncture-stressPhoto: Via Time.

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