Yiking Is The New Twerking, Yikes!

Here we go again with another viral-bound dance move. Like the eagle and chicken noodle soup dance of yesteryear, yiking is here to dominate your newsfeeds for the next fifteen minutes or so. What is yiking, you say? Well, according to one YouTube instructor, it's "twerking’s big f**king brother." Don't know what twerking is? Consider yourself lucky; you've managed to get through summer 2013 with nary a tweak, twerk, or tongue wag in sight!

Yiking, however, will try and fill that void. Thanks to Sage The Gemini's song "Red Nose," the dance move has shaken its way into the zeitgeist. In an interview with Sway from
Sway In The Morning
, Sage explained he was looking for a way to say "booty-shaking" without actually saying "booty-shaking." Inspiration hit when he saw a red-nosed pitbull shaking its head, and the rest is history. One partner bends over (obviously), shifting weight from side to side and allowing her upper body to follow in a snake-like motion. The other partner stands behind and follows in motion. It's the impolite waltz of the 21st century, really.

And, as these videos show, you can yike everywhere — even in virtual space. Happy yiking, y'all. (BuzzFeed)

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