Will Prince Harry’s Lady Bring Back The Scrunchie?

When news broke about Prince Harry's alleged engagement to Cressida Bonas, the world was atwitter, for obvious reasons — but, here in the R29 beauty department, we couldn't even bring ourselves to think about rings or a royal wedding. How could we, when Bonas' head was topped with such a huge, distracting, shiny black scrunchie?
We're not the only ones to notice Bonas' ballsy accessory: Yesterday, Gawker published a hilarious article that included not one, but five pictures of the potential royal sporting totally '80s hair ties (all in different colors), taking this scrunchie conversation to a new level. Apparently, Cressida is truly, deeply, madly in love with the scrunchie. But what does this mean for the rest of us?
The whole royals-setting-trends thing can be a difficult cookie to crumble. While Kate Middleton caused Issa dresses and nude pumps to be snapped up like wildfire, the Duchess was sadly (um, just kidding, very thankfully) unable to bring nude hose back into the fashion world's vernacular. And, we hope — hope and pray, friends — that Cressida's scrunchie will go the route of the hose, or the fascinators, or the skirt suits — far into history as a Strange Style Item That Is for Elite Brits Only. But, hey, maybe we'll be eating our words — scrunchie in hair — in a few months, despite ourselves. Thus is the power of Harry, and those that associate with him. Sigh. (Gawker)
scrunchiesPhoto: Via Jezebel.

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