Kidult Announces A Chanel Crisis Sale

chanelPhoto: Courtesy of Kidult.
It wouldn't be Fashion Week without a little controversy. But, just as we were beginning to think we'd end the month flak-free, graffiti artist Kidult swoops in, swinging paint buckets.
On the morning of Chanel's Spring '14 show, red-paint graffiti covered the brand's Parisian boutique windows. "50% Off Crisis Day Sale" was scrawled prominently, and word soon leaked that Kidult was behind the tag. Yep, the same culprit behind the Marc Jacobs' tag had pegged Chanel as its next victim. "All these retail outlets have once used graffiti as a commercial tool to get more money and be 'cool' without knowing anything about the culture," Kidult explained on his website. (Ironically, Chanel's aforementioned show featured graffiti-tagged accessories.)
Chanel declined to comment to the Daily Mail, so no word as to whether Karl will pull a Marc Jacobs and appropriate Kidult's tag on uber-expensive T-shirts. But, there is something about saying, "the new Kidult x Karl (K)ollaboration" that just rolls off the tongue, no? (The Daily Mail)

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