Sorry, Miley — Here's How To Be Sexy

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In light of the recent (and abundant) Miley news, we wanted to talk about another way you can be sexy: good, old-fashioned lingerie accompanied by your rockin' bod. Now, don't get us wrong; we are firm believers that our S.O.'s dress shirt and a makeup-free face is just (if not more) as sexy. But sometimes, a gal needs to tap into her inner-wild child — minus life-sized bears and foam fingers, that is. So, to help you find that place in a comfortable (and flattering) light, there's Jenny Taylor Boudoirs, a classy, modern-day boudoir photography studio here in Chicago.
Taylor's goal was to remove the stigma of boudoir and replace it with a non-intimidating environment where ladies could explore its tasteful side. Oh, and you need not worry about some creepy guy with a camera around his neck ready to catch your "good" side — the staff here is all female. Even so, getting the guts to get your sexy on in front of strangers takes some planning, so we asked Taylor for the 411 on how to mentally prepare yourself, getting over your fear of the camera, and more.
How can a woman get over her fear of the camera — even fully clothed?
"The biggest part of this process is putting her trust in us. We want nothing more than to make our clients look and feel their best throughout the experience. She really only needs to bring a positive attitude and a smile and we’ll take care of everything else!"
What is your technique for making every woman look and feel like the goddess that they are?
"First and foremost, it’s all about making them feel comfortable in their environment. We also think it’s extremely important to listen to each individual and gain a better understanding of what exactly they’re hoping to accomplish. Listening is key to a successful shoot!"
Do most of your customers come in as nervous Nelly's?
"I would say yes, 90% of them do — but we have such an incredible all-women team that provides support and truly transforms women into the confident bombshells that they are!"
What inspired you to start your business?
"I was really looking for a way to allow women to celebrate themselves. As a photographer, the best moments to capture are those when someone truly radiates happiness, so I wanted to find a way for all women to take a moment to indulge in this emotion."
What type of mental (or otherwise) preparation should one do before coming into a boudoir-type shoot?
"Each client receives a copy of 'Jenny’s Secrets,' a guide I’ve created to help them feel relaxed and at ease, knowing they’re in great hands."
What's the process like, from start to finish, when booking a boudoir session?
"I think each client’s time with us ultimately varies. We almost become a support system for these women by learning about each individual and gaining a sense of what exactly they’re hoping to gain from the experience. Any woman looking to book an appointment can expect to hear from us within 24 hours. Following that initial introductory period, we take the time to educate and prepare our clients for an incredible, confidence-boosting experience!"
Can you give us a quick tip for taking a great photo?
"Wear clothes that make you feel confident. When you feel confident, you look confident!"
For more information or to book a session, visit Jenny Taylor Boudoirs.

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