Beyoncé Cut Her Hair Short (Cue Freak Out)

Everybody stop everything, right now. Just stop. The Queen has cut her hair and she is working it in a very serious way. Beyoncé — fresh off a stop in Brooklyn for the Mrs. Carter tour — ditched her normally long, luscious locks in favor of a thoroughly adorable pixie, and we could not be more thrilled. She's obviously been tentatively awaiting our approval since she Instagram'ed this photo eight hours ago, so go ahead and relax, Bey. We're totally on board.
Pixie cuts are definitely taking a solid foothold in the mainstream these days, though we have to give credit to Michelle Williams for reminding us just how awesome it can be. Hers is growing out now, but Miley, Bey, and Anne Hathaway are all set to go down as the champions of this look in 2013. And, while Bey changes her hair fairly regularly, she's always returned to her signature bouncy, lush curls in the past. That said, it's not clear if this is simply her removing a weave to reveal what was always there underneath, or if it really is the result of a pretty serious chop. What we do know: Her colorist, Rita Hazan, highlighted her entire head, painstakingly painting very thin pieces of hair at a time to complement her natural base color.
We have to admit it's hard for us to imagine Beyoncé doing her signature dance moves without a big head of hair to flip around. But somehow, we think she'll find a way.

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