Boxers Or Briefs? What Women Really Prefer

1Photo: Via Daily Mail
It's a question as old as time itself. When it comes to men's skivvies, the masses have been bickering as long as there have been boxers and briefs to fight over. The guys, of course, have their own opinions — some prefer an airy, free-flowing fit, while others like to be snug as a bug in a rug (figuratively speaking). And, women being women, we've been chiming in with our own thoughts on the debate...especially when David Beckham's bod is involved.
A new survey is out that finally puts the matter to rest, and the results are certainly surprising: A whopping 89 percent of women prefer boxers over briefs. Of course, some caveats should be noted here — the study was done using only British women, and it's important to remember that not every guy looks like ol' Becks in a pair of curve-hugging undies. But, that said, we're still more than shocked. Are we alone here in our love for briefs and our disdain for sloppy, baggy boxers? Tell us what you think and help us end this debate for good. (Daily Mail)

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