Adam Levine Admits Insecurities, Makes Us Like Him

We couldn't help but indulge in some good-natured ribbing when Adam Levine released his over-the-top fragrance video — the whole motorcycles 'n' babes thing was just too much. Now, Levine is back with another video, and this time we're not laughing at all. In this raw b-roll footage from his Proactiv+ commercial shoot, he talks about the emotional pain of having acne. (We've been there, man. We've been there.)
"I spent a lot of time sulking in my room and being upset," Levine says of having severe breakouts during his high school years. "I was depressed. I was not happy. Like I said, high school's hard enough, but having this problem and knowing everyone is looking at you in the halls... nobody had acne like I did." But, now that he's a superfamous rock star who dates models, everything's cool, right? Well, yes...but that doesn't mean he feels like Mr. Handsome all the time. "Everyone's insecure to a certain extent," he admits. "I'm not made of steel. Things can bother me about my appearance all the time, and they do." Stars — they are just like us!
Maybe it's just because we have a soft spot for fellow acne-prone folks, but Levine has won us over with his real talk. Acne is the worst, whether you're famous or not. If you're a Levine mega-fan (and considering the fact that each of Maroon 5's albums has gone platinum, the odds are decent), you'll want to watch the whole video — we find the soundless footage of him washing his face and playing guitar oddly hypnotizing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv+.

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