Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With This Sneaky Pro Trick

Depending on the shape and or size of your eyes, it can be tough to get them to look bright, open, and awake (especially at the end of a long workweek). Brightening concealers can help, as can a more defined brow — but for serious eye-lifting powers, says Amy Nadine of The Beauty Department, turn to this sneaky eye-boosting trick: criss-crossed faux lashes.
Although you can rely on a pre-made strip (Nadine loves these by MAC), the makeup artist says that you can earn extra credit by working with individual V-shaped flare lashes. Simply start at the outer corners and glue the lashes close together — you'll end up with a fat set of feathery, voluminous lashes that will give any eye shape a major boost. (The Beauty Department)
Photo: Courtesy of The Beauty Department

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