3 Cool Chicago Ladies, 1 Boozy App You HAVE To Download

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There are those who reserve cocktails for the weekends, and then there are others who reserve the right to take a nip whenever they darn well please. Take for example the three awesome ladies behind the blog Craft Cocktail Rules: Nandini Khaund (writer and recipe developer), Martha Williams (photographer), and Lauren Vandervelde, designer. While you'll see a few cool recipes for things like this incredible must-try lilac-honey syrup (goes perfectly with gin), the current main attraction on this blog is its awesome new Craft Cocktail app.
So, why an app? "Living in Chicago is pretty brutal during the winter, and many of us save up money and escape to the tropics, says Khaund. "We've vacationed on an island of wild horses and deserted beaches together, working hard at playing even harder. Every evening after returning from a day of sun, adventure, and wielding machetes to hack open coconuts, we would get to it and have cocktail hour."
"In a way, this collaboration of vacation awesomeness inspired Craft Cocktail. We are friends who realized that this app would be a perfect melding of our interests and skills in design, photography, bartending, writing, and of course, drinking. We wanted to create a slightly fantastical app that reflected the fun and whimsy of good times."
Aside from being able to quickly pick up boozy tips and recipes (including plenty of new ways to waste away in Margaritaville this summer), there is another reason why we think you should head to the App Store, stat: girl power! The Craft Cocktail app is a completely independent operation supported only by downloads, so if you want to help this saucy trio follow these very easy steps:
1. Download the app here. FYI, it's available for iPad and iPad Retina. Show the ladies some love by posting your (five star) reviews so other shoppers see how rad it is to learn how to make something other than a vodka soda.
2. Now the fun part — experimenting! Shake, stir, sip and post your comments (even the silly drunk ones) on the Craft Cocktail Rules blog.
3. Follow the ladies on Instagram @craftcocktailrules (tag your drink pictures #craftcocktailrules) and on Twitter @CocktailsRule, and tweet about your latest creations — and maybe give the ladies a little virtual toast, too. Cheers!
Photo: Courtesy of Craft Cocktail

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