“The Bling Ring” Actress Katie Chang Is Making A Splash

Truth be told: If there's a John Hughes movie marathon on, you can bet your bippy we're poised on our couch with an adult beverage reliving all of our teen angst. But rumbles, jocks, and MIA prom dates seem like child's play in comparison to the drama that this next young generation is faced with (if not influenced by) today. Forget Mean Girls, because Sofia Coppola’s latest flick The Bling Ring (opening in theaters tomorrow) takes the world of a spoiled rich kid gone bad to a new level — and it's all true.
The film portrays the story of a group of L.A. teens who broke into celebrity homes, like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, back in 2011. But almost as remarkable as something like that actually happening, is the fact that 18-year-old Katie Chang from the North Shore suburb of Wilmette landed the starring role as ringleader Rebecca Ahn.
Our friends at Splash (remember their cool office and stylish staff?) scored the opportunity to chat with this budding superstar about her "very normal" upbringing, meeting Coppola for the first time, her college plans, and more. And in case The Bling Ring is news to you, there's also a trailer you can view. We're pretty sure we'll see you at the movies this weekend.

Photo: Courtesy of Maria Ponce

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