This New Bar Encourages You To Drop Your Drink

Nothing good comes from doing shots. Drop shots, however? Now that’s another story. Drop, the new DJ-driven lounge in Lincoln Park, has given us a reason to rethink chugging.
Drop is in the underground space that once housed Catacombs (if you remember that place, you’re giving away your age. And, we probably saw you there). Now, the cozy spot has a sleek new look inspired by the Mediterranean and one of the city’s most delicious cocktail lists. So, grab a seat at the mosaic-tiled bar or in a cozy corner nook, and get ready to do some serious imbibing.
The cocktail list is rife with can’t-go-wrong sips, but our favorite is the Mule Kick. To drink it, you drop lime-infused vodka into ginger beer and throw the whole thing back. If you’re in the market for something a little spicier, the Mexican Stand Off combines jalapeño-infused tequila with Corona. And if you’re getting the wee-hours blues, the Slipper Drop combines sambuca Irish Cream, with iced coffee.
There’s no food on the menu, but Bricks Pizza is right next door. And is it just us, or is pizza the ultimate chaser?
Drop, 1909 North Lincoln Avenue (at Wisconsin Street); 312-291-9584.
Photo: Courtesy of Drop

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