Update: These Rumored Lollapalooza Headliners Are Real!

UPDATE: Looks like our concert dreams have indeed come true — the Chicago Tribune has confirmed the leaked lineup as the actual, in-the-flesh acts. Mumford & Son, Phoenix, and The Killers will be joined at the top spots by The Cure and Nine Inch Nails, with acts like The Lumineers and Kendrick Lamar joining the lineup as well. Time to get your fanny packs and shutter shades ready! (Consequence of Sound)
In the midst of the dog days of summer, there's a special weekend in August where alternative-music lovers descend upon Chicago's Grant Park and mingle with fans of EDM, hip-hip, and rock. Lollapalooza has been increasingly successful since its relaunch in 2005, scoring the likes of Florence + The Machine, The Black Keys, Black Sabbath, Lady Gaga, and Eminem as headliners (talk about variety). It's a festival that simply caters to any music and sound — and that's pretty cool, considering other music festivals often stick to one or two genres. And now that we've slept off our SXSW hangover, you can bet we're gearing up for round two. The lineups for Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball have been circling through the blogosphere and music scene for months, but Lollapalooza has been keeping us hanging.
Suffice it to say, we're itching to know who's headlining this year's Lollapalooza. Rumor has it that Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, The Killers, and Vampire Weekend will snag the top spots, while word that The Postal Service will surface again post-Coachella is buzzing around, too. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but multiple industry sources are positive we'll see these bands come August 2-4. C3 Promoters, the folks who put on the show, say early-bird tickets go on sale next week — even though the full lineup won't be released 'til next month. To be honest, we don't need to see the full list if these Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and Killers rumors are even a little bit true. They had us sold before we could even say "Mumford." (Chicago Tribune)
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@lollapalooza.

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