Topshop & PETA Join Forces, Make Us Really Think About Ethical Fashion

Topshop and PETA are collaborating to fight against the slaughter of exotic animals for their fur and skin. The partnership is symbolised by the takeover of one of the store's Oxford Street window displays. The cuddly, fluffy toys peeking out of a wardrobe in the window display may look harmless but the message emblazoned on the window couldn’t be clearer, “Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe.” Emblazoned across one of the U.K.’s busiest shopping streets, the message could potentially reach a vast number of people who might not have contemplated the implications their shopping decisions have on various members of the animal kingdom.
We applaud the fact that this topic is getting the opportunity for discussion among as many people as possible. But, it also raises some slightly thorny concerns around how deceptively similar imitation products — and even exotic animal prints — are to the real deal. It begs the question: Is buying an item like a leopard-print jacket, perpetuating the myth that there is something glamorous or cool in exotic skins, exacerbating the problem, in some ways? To the comments with your thoughts, please.(Drapers)
topshop1 Photo: Via Drapers

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