Bond, Is That You? London Heist Sounds Suspiciously Cinematic

On Thursday night in London, every adolescent boy's wildest dreams came true. No, a giant Kate Moss billboard didn't come to life. But what did happen is equally crazy.
In what sounds like a scene straight out of the movies, three as-yet-unnamed thieves broke into a Gucci store in a most flashy fashion. First, they used a Mercedes to ram through the glass storefront. Then they got down to business and nabbed about 50 handbags (as you can see, our thieves have a taste for the good stuff). Then, in a final flourish of awesomeness, they abandoned the Mercedes on site and took off in an Audi.
What happens next is a mystery. Well, no it's not. They obviously drove the Audi into a secret elevator in the middle of Big Ben. Then they ejected the car from the top of the tower and landed in a luxury jet. Then they took baths in the finest champagne while getting manicures from a team of lingerie-clad women. Cue credits, "Skyfall" on three. (The Cut)

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