Feeling A Little Off? Blame It On Mercury

Been feeling a little off lately? You're not the only one. Tension has been buzzing through the universe since the last week of February and we're in the thick of it now. According to the Internet's favorite astrologist, Susan Miller, the beginning of March is going to be a heady mix of irritability and miscommunication. Now we're not ones to put our full faith in the stars — why would all-powerful cosmic entities, assuming they exist, know that we're going to have a workplace miracle on the third week of the month? — but it's still amusing, and easier to blame our bad moods on a planet.
Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde and will be until March 17 — and according to astrologists, this planet rules our worlds of communication and negotiation. Miller says, "The world depends on Mercury to keep things running smoothly, but when Mercury is in retrograde, all these areas become unstable." This all sounds a little unnerving. We wouldn't go as far as to say we're on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but it seems like the little things are slipping, and tempers are shorter than ever. Maybe it's the winter blues. Maybe it's PMS. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the universe.
The good thing about this is we get to waste some serious time talking about it. Let's call this an open thread! Tell us, friends: Have you been feeling the wrath of Mercury these days? Any spooky stories suggesting cosmic revenge to share? Let it all out in the comments!
Photo: Courtesy of Virginia Bell.

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