You'll Never Guess Where The Country's Least Honest Men Live

When it comes to the Internet — and our online personas, be it Facebook, a dating profile, or otherwise — it's easy to, well, over-exaggerate. Did you run a 5K once? Suddenly, you're a marathoner! Have a blog? You're a published author! Of course, we totally understand a little white lie here and there (So, our Facebook picture is from two years ago when we were super tan after that vacation — sue us.). But, according to the newest survey from, it seems e-dating "fraud" has become a downright epidemic — and the worst perpetrators reside in none other than Washington, D.C.
Of course, it's important to mention that these results come from an online "arrangements" site (the politician jokes practically write themselves!), but it's a problem nonetheless. According to the survey results, only 63% of men in the DMV were honest in their online profiles — compared to a whopping 95% of honest dudes in, say, Houston. The most popular subject of said lies were career and education level, which isn't too surprising considering the level of competition (and, sometimes, snobbery) that presides in the District. While we're certainly not perfect ourselves, we'll be giving that "Greek shipping heir" we met on OKCupid a second glance. (Jezebel)
Photo: Via Jezebel

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