The Most Elaborate Proposal EVER (Now With Flash Mob)

Our thoughts in the first few seconds of this video were "either somebody's about to get sniped, or this is a viral video for the new Bourne movie." So, yeah, it was a bit surprising when it turned out to be an elaborate marriage proposal involving an enormous flash mob. The lucky girl was swarmed by various strangers, handing her flowers on the way to meet her beau for what would turn out to be the date of a lifetime (easy-on Velcro tuxedo included).
It's hard to keep a bit of your heart from melting while watching the video of this very creative proposal. Still, we can't help but wonder: Would we want to turn this intimate moment into a public event? We're all for a grand gesture showing serious dedication, but while it makes a great YouTube video, involving countless strangers in a proposal might not be for everyone. What do you think? Would you be thrilled if you were in her place, or would you rather keep it between you and your beloved? (Daily Mail)

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