Your Hump-Day Diversion: The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

We can't resist: When The Hill releases its annual list of the 50 Most Beautiful People working on Capitol Hill, we click (and click, and click ... ). After all, what's a better time-waster than a voyeuristic peek at some of the dreamiest pols, lobbyists, and interns working in the heart of our city? This year's roundup has some major hits (helloooo, Julian Malasi and Yvonne Hsu) and a couple eyebrow-raisers (we'll let you find those); it's definitely our version of People mag's most irresistible issue. We're pretty stoked to see just how many of these nominees have a genuine interest in fashion (one is a devoted style blogger, and one was on a reality show about fashion styling) — and we'd like to ask a few of them which whitening toothpaste they use. Now, it's your turn: What do you think of this eye-candy roundup? (The Hill)
Photo: Via The Hill

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