Found: The Internet's First-Ever Picture

Like all technology, the internet is one of those things that just looks hilarious when you look back on the early days, which makes us wonder: In 10 years, will our current super-sophisticated coding look like one of the computers in Jurassic Park? It's too early to get all meta, so let's just have a laugh and get on with it: The first-ever picture uploaded to the internet has just resurfaced... in all of its early-'90s glory. The photo was taken and uploaded by two IT developers at Geneva's CERN laboratories and features a female comedy band that used to play nearby to them.
The worst thing about this photo? No cats, no memes, and none of the hallmarks of the interent we know and love today. The best thing about this photo? It was made on Photoshop 1.0. HAH! (Geekologie)
This took us by surprise. What would you expect the internet's first picture to be?
Photo: Via Geekologie

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