Get Amazing Beach-Wave Hair With These Fast Tips

The Tools: Infiniti Pro 1" Curler by Conair, Session Spray and Hair Resort Spray, both by Kevin Murphy. Photo from Barbara Bui Resort 2012.
Woo-hoo! Just in time for the holiday weekend, we’ve got clear skies and 70-degree temps across the board! Instantly, that news has us dreaming of the beach and the sexiest of tousled beach-wavy hair. So, just how can you achieve this ultimate summer ‘do, even if you’ve got stick-straight tresses? We’ve recruited local hair guru Jeremy Jenks from Johnny Bueno salon to give us a step-by-step guide on how to create the chic beach-bum look yourself, regardless if you’re heading to Outer Sunset for an action-packed day at Ocean Beach, or if you’re chilling miles inland.
Check out these 5 super-simple steps!
Step 1: Prep Your Hair
"Make sure that your hair is completely bone-dry. If there's any moisture in it whatsoever, the curl is going to fall out, especially if you have really fine and straight hair. For girls with naturally curly hair who want a softer wave look, you might want to straighten some of your curls beforehand. Having more layers in your hair will also help the curls stay put longer and give the whole look a boost of volume."
Step 2: Section Your Hair
"Work with 1 1/2-inch horizontal sections at a time, starting from the bottom and pinning the rest of the hair up. After you're done with one section, bring a new section down."
Step 3: Spray And Curl
"Comb the section out and spray it with a medium-hold hairspray. Then create little sub-sections to curl. The smaller the piece you curl, the tighter the curl will be, obviously. Use a 1-inch curling iron and hold it somewhat vertically. Going away from your face, twist the hair around the iron, holding 1-3 inches of hair out on the bottom to create that curly yet straight beachy look. Leave the hair on the iron for about 10 seconds."
Step 4: Scrunch And Spray
"To help the curl set after you take it off the iron, you can scrunch it up gently in your hand while it's cooling. Then, if more hold is needed, let it drop and spray it again with the medium-hold spray."
Step 5: Spray And Shake
"Once you've curled all of your hair, add a salt spray over your whole head for texture and, if you still need the hold, a thin mist of medium-hold hairspray. Lean your head back and shake your curls out slightly and tighten any face-framing curls that have fallen out. Voila!"

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