10 Things To Know This Weekend

Jennifer Hudson plans to wed in Chicago (hopefully in gorgeous summer weather!) (Red Eye)
Grapefruit, lime, and ginger juice that looks so good we're not even sure we'd turn it into something boozy! (Lottie + Doof)
A smart styling session twofer featuring one completely affordable sweater. (See Jane)
Chambray and sequins: Does it work for you, or is it mixing themes too much? (a lovely escape)
What are your thoughts on Annie's green faux fur coat? Brave or bananas? (Chicago Street Style)
Set an iPhone alarm for all of these soon-to-open Chicago restos. (Metromix)
Surfing pro Kelly Slater defends the dude who got arrested for surfing Lake Michigan. (Chicagoist)
Five budget-loving striped pieces for spring, all under $50. Not bad. (Fantabulously Frugal)
A few words on Bar Toma that we're not sure we agree with. Are you into this new Gold Coast resto? We think the pizza is to die. (Chicago Reader)
Were you wondering why Nobel Tree coffee closed down? We were, too. (Eater Chicago)
jennifer hudson
Photo: Via RedEye Chicago

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