10 Things To Know This Weekend

4 Chicago restos keep things really local by growing their own—on the roof. (PopSugar Chicago)
Because we'll never being able to utter this phrase again: Go see Co-Ed Prison Sluts this weekend. (Chicago Reader)
Take your first look inside the new West Town Sine Qua Non location. (Racked Chicago)
Guys like Dose Market too. We can't stress this enough. See you tomorrow. (The Midwestyle)
Wannabe American Apparel model or figure skater? You be the judge. (El-No)
Your early bird guide to the bar at Roka Akor, opening Monday. (Chicagoist)
The cure for the common street fair: Burger Fest. Eat up. (Gapers Block)
Chicago makes Katy Perry sick. (NBC Chicago)
Blackbird has a brand-new pastry chef. Let's see how Bryce Caron tackles the finale of your next meal. (Blackbird)
The best Etsy spot for Chi-pride stationary. Use it when you're writing to everyone not lucky enough to live here. (Fuck Yeah Chicago)

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