This Is How Many Young People Are Open To A Polyamorous Relationship

Photographed by Eylül Aslan
Young people in the UK are most open to the idea of a polyamorous relationship, according to new research.
Whereas 28% of people who responded to the annual "Sex Census" by LELO said a polyamorous relationship would tick all their intimacy boxes, this figure rose to 38% among people aged 18 to 24.
Around 1.5% of young people said they were already in a polyamorous relationship: a higher proportion than in any other age group.
Commenting on the results, ESSM-certified psycho-sexologist Kate Moyle advised couples who are thinking of shifting away from monogamy to do some research and "listen to the learnt experiences of others".
"It's important to both vocalise your wants [and] hopes," she added, "and to be able to be honest so you can navigate a new way of being, and to do so in ways that are sensitive to both of your needs".
The Sex Census also found there is a hefty "masturbation gap" between men and women in relationships. Whereas 70% of men said they were comfortable masturbating in front of a partner, just 40% of women said they felt the same way.
This masturbation gap could be linked to poor body image, the study's authors suggested. Women were more likely than men to say that poor body image had impacted their sex lives, and young women under 35 were the most affected of all.
Meanwhile, the Sex Census found that anxiety is having a significant impact on the sex lives of younger Brits. Whereas 30% of people overall said anxiety had negatively impacted their sex lives, this proportion rose to 42.5% among young people aged 18 to 24.
Over half of people said they had sent intimate photos to up to three strangers. "You should never feel pressured by a partner to take or send intimate content if it's something you aren't comfortable with," Kate Moyle said.
"It's a good idea to keep your face out of images, so that they wouldn't be immediately identifiable if they were shared beyond you and your partner directly without consent," she added.

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