3 Sets Of Twins On The One Way They're Actually Different

Think about twins and you’re likely to consider all the ways they’re the same. Their hair, their eyes, their shoe size...maybe even their laugh. It makes sense; these built-in BFFs are together from the start. And though twins can often seem like a package deal, what you probably don’t give too much thought to is all the ways they’re different. Because yes, even with the same DNA, these sibling look-a-likes, like everyone else, have their own idiosyncrasies.
But when it isn’t so obvious, fashion enters the equation. An expression of anyone’s imagination, it’s particularly useful for twins — parents adorning toddler pairs in different colours to tell them apart or teenage doubles setting the world straight — to allow people to understand who they are as individuals.
Curious how their styles — and personalities — really stray? Watch the three sets of twins above. They might be able to share closets (a definite perk), but take it straight from them: one twin’s outfit may never feel right to the other. Take a peek as they explain the tricks their parents used when even they couldn’t tell them apart, the ways their styles shifted growing up, and how they stay singular today — while still being totally in sync.

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