The Ordinary's New Launch Is Here To Save Your Dehydrated Summer Skin

The skincare boffins at The Ordinary have really stepped up their game this summer.
Not long ago, they lifted the lid on their hotly anticipated SPF range, brought out their first ever hair product and revealed that they'd finally be formulating cleansers, much to the excitement of Instagram.
It looks like there's no stopping them, as they took to social media earlier this week to announce that they'll be adding another skincare product to their failsafe range of retinoids, acids and oils.
Introducing: Amino Acids + B5. Okay, it isn't as buzzy as B Oil or Buffet, but it sounds like just the thing to sort out our dehydrated summer skin.
Deciem kept schtum in the picture caption, letting fans of the brand know that the product would be dropping on Monday 23rd July, but savvy followers took to the comments to draw out a little more information.
According to Deciem, the serum is "a concentrated formula for hydration support" but that's all they're giving us at the moment, so we did a little digging.
As the label suggests, the main ingredients are amino acids, which are pretty special in skincare, as R29 beauty columnist Daniela recently explored. Essentially, amino acids make up peptides. When applied topically, peptides have the ability to send signals to skin cells, which then respond accordingly.
"Peptides can have this collagen-boosting effect, but then there are other kinds that can help with overall skin regeneration," explained consultant dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall, on behalf of the Harley Medical Group. She continued: "Pigmentation on sun-damaged skin might appear lesser, skin elasticity might improve, and the skin can look smoother and firmer."
And there are peptides that boost hydration levels, especially. "Keratin-based peptides can repair the skin and hair by helping with moisture and elasticity levels," Dr. Hextall told R29, which brings us on to B5. Skin expert and facialist Kate Kerr rates the essential vitamin for its humectant properties, which means it attracts and binds water to the skin, in turn improving skin hydration. If skin is adequately hydrated, it looks much plumper, fine lines are reduced and any tautness and itchiness is alleviated.
While we don't yet know how much the new product will cost, there's no doubt it'll be just as affordable as everything else in the line. And, of course, it wasn't long before Ordinary-obsessives took to the comments section to share their excitement.
"Yikes. Here's yet another thing I must get," wrote one, while another said: "Great news!!! Amino acids protect against UV damage, repair damaged tissue and promote healing [...] it’s important for formation of cell membranes! I’ve been waiting for this!"
It's not often we wish for Mondays, but...

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