3 Non-Weird Ways To Eat Sweet Potato For Breakfast

Sweet potato is the superfood that keeps on giving. While we cool off on the beetroot (did we ever really like it, anyway?) and put down the kale (no more green juice, please), sweet potato remains the one 'trendy' food we keep on eating.

For good reason, too – it's full of vitamins A and C, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, and supposedly great for your immune system.

So if you can't get enough of it at lunch and dinner, here's how to eat sweet potato for breakfast as well.
Photo: Courtesy of Happy Healthy Mama

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Lately there's been so much talk of pancakes that you'd be forgiven for wishing never to see another pancake again.

Not so fast, though.

These sweet potato pancakes from Happy Healthy Mama are next-level good and, even better, only require two (yes, two) ingredients. Those ingredients are sweet potato (obviously) and egg. One sweet potato will make you about 12 mini (American-style) pancakes. Have them with yoghurt and blueberries on top or go savoury and poach a couple of eggs.

Get the full recipe here.

Sweet Potato Toast

I know it sounds silly but trust me on this – sweet potato toast in the toaster actually works. No matter how rubbish your toaster is.

Simply slice your sweet potato thinner than your average piece of toast, pop the slices in your toaster, set to "high" and off you go. You'll probably have to toast them twice to make sure they're cooked but, once they're done, they make a lovely alternative to bread.

Cover your 'toast' in nut butter and bananas, Nutella and raspberries, or – if you want to go totally basic – egg and smashed avo.
Photo: Courtesy of The Emotional Baker

Sweet Potato Porridge

Handy if, like me, you've eaten more flipping oats this winter than you can physically handle but still want yourself a nice, hot and healthy breakfast – at least until the weather warms up.

The Emotional Baker has created this recipe which, although taking a darn sight longer to prepare than normal porridge, tastes loads better while maintaining a similar consistency.

Get the full recipe here.

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