’00s Style File: Chloë Sevigny

Just when you think you've seen all of Chloë Sevigny's finest fashion moments, you stumble across a deep-sunken outfit oddity of rarefied Tumblr value. Perhaps Sevigny sporting a shaved head in a Fila tracksuit or legs akimbo in some denim hot-pants on a scruffy old sofa or scantily clad in thrift-store T-shirts with little else but red lippie on. One little look at these sartorial gems and you're dragged right back to all those feelings you felt, when like us, you realised for the first time, that Chloë Sevigny might be the coolest woman on planet earth.
And breathe. Which particular Chloë era you prefer says a lot about you. Maybe you screenshot snaps of her in Larry Clarks' Kids. Maybe you're more a Jarvis Cocker-epoch kind of a gal. Or, you might just be down for her skater-girl '90s period.
Whatever your preference, we'd like to attest that 2000-2010 was the most marvellous of decades for Chloë's wardrobe. It marks the most hallowed of her bad-taste-is-good-taste years. It's a decade laden with ribbons-for hair-ties, mini-everything, band T-shirts, vintage velvet, chokers and top-knots. It's a bottomless well of sartorial schooling, heavy with the maxim "money cannot buy your style".
Before the Kardashians, there was Chloë.
Here in no particular order, is fashion's first lady's best looks for the noughties...

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