These Skin Products Gave Us The Best Results

Photographed by BriAnne Wills.
As beauty editors, we test a lot of products (I know, dream job) — and for many of us, skin-care is the category that holds the most hope. We want every claim to be true; we want to find the one hero product that actually gives us a clear, bright, soft, plump, line-free complexion. Most creams, serums, and sunscreens get the job done pretty well, a handful makes us break out or turn red, and then there are the ones that change our lives and make us believe in miracles.

When we find The One, we stockpile it under our sinks. We squeeze the tube until every last drop is out, then we cut it open so we can scrape the inside. We make sure it's in our carry-ons, because we can't risk losing it to the TSA.

Ahead, nine members of our beauty team share the single skin-care product that completely transformed each of their skin. Because who says you can't pick favorites in the game of beauty?

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