An Autumn Makeup Routine That's SO Easy To Copy

When it comes to all things beauty, I'm an unapologetic fangirl (just see what happened when I had to casually breakup with most of my products for 3 whole days). I love wearing and experimenting with makeup because it makes me feel more like myself, ready to confidently meet the world. That also means I'm always switching up my morning routine, searching for the easiest, most affordable ways to keep my skin looking hydrated and glowing, with or without my go-to foundation. And when the temperatures start to drop (or, at least, should start to drop), I step up my skin-care regimen, relying on a few basics that take off every bit of my eyeshadow/concealer/liquid lipstick while still nourishing my face.
And since autumn is obviously the best season to play with layers, I've also been building a quick makeup look that's simple and transitional. Instead of reaching for the full-on foundation I tend to need in winter, autumn leaves me craving lighter coverage, just a tinted moisturiser and concealer for the trouble spots under my eyes. Of course, the real fun of any October look is the rich, bold shades that are trending. My all-time favourite autumn trick? Using waterproof burgundy liner along the waterline for definition and a spicy burst of colour.
Press play above for a step-by-step how-to for my autumn morning routine, and check out all the products I'm using right now in the list below.

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